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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knitting Blues

Hello and Welcome Everyone,
Let's see week in review, on Tuesday I went and met my friend at the local yarn shop to hang out for a little bit, she moved further away so I don't see her often. The rest of the week I just worked and moved to a different desk. It is official that I will be flying to Arizona on December 22nd and return December 30th and I am very excited about that. Also, last night me and my fiance watched 21st Jumpstreet and I give that movie 5 stars. If you enjoy action comedies or movies like Superbad, you should check it out.

Finished Objects - FO's
Nothing :(

Works in Progress - Wip's
I didn't really feel like knitting on my Harvest Dew Socks much this week. I did finish the heel flap, heel turn, and picked up the gusset. I still have a lot of gusset decreasing to do.
Next up is the reason I didn't really feel like knitting at all this past week. I frogged the Evenstar and re-started. Why? Because it didn't look right, when it was right. I switched from my DPN's to magic loop and enjoy knitting it a little bit better. However, I tried to tell myself to only knit on this at home and nothing else, so what did I do? I avoided knitting all together.
Since I lost my knitting mojo this week and in order to get it back I just had to cast on something new. I casted on the Social Climber Cowl on size US 10 (6.0 mm) needles using Noro Silk Garden from my stash. A lot of people have complained about this yarn, I like it. I think it looks like handspun and now I am inspired to use my handspun for Noro intended patterns.

This is all I have for this week. I didn't get any spinning done at all, I haven't even started a new project. I did receive something in the mail, but I can't show that. Hopefully next week I will have more to show and my knitting mojo returns.

Happy Knitting,


  1. AAh, I made your blog! Bet you thought I didn't read it. I do. Sorry you lost your mojo. I think the evenstar has you all uptight. You can do it!

  2. Courtney, I had to post as anonymous cause I don't belong to any of the profiles to select from. Your friend Pam

    1. Hey Pam, thanks for stopping at my blog. Yea my evenstar is sucking my mojo right out of me and it seem like anything I touch I have to rip back a few rows or tink.

  3. Hello Courtney, don't fret yourself about the Evanstar. Take it one round at a time. No, I haven't made it,nor intend to. Much too fancy for my talents.
    Love the colourway of the cowl it and the design make a nice pattern.
    take care,

    1. Hi Enid, thanks for coming back. If I wasn't intending to make it for my special day, I would of called it quits already. Thank you, I like the way the cowl is turning out too. I am thinking of making one out of my handspun.