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Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Down, One More to Go

Welcome Everyone,
last week I had a cold and a stomach flu and didn't work Wednesday and Thursday. During those two days I barely got any knitting done, since I pretty much just slept, but I feel much better now. Friday I had a tough day at work, since Friday kinda sucked me and my fiance treated ourselves after work to a nice dinner and later on I relaxed with my knitting and a beer. Last night we had company over, I made a delicious dinner and we just hung out played games and I drank my favorite wine.

Works in Progress - WIP's
I am almost done with my 3rd and last Camp Loopy project, Elfe. I am hoping to finish it today, but today is just flying by.

Finished Objects - FO's
I finished my 2nd Ravellenics challenge, Terence the Tap Dancing T-Rex. I almost ran out of yarn and had to take some of the yarn from an unfinished granny square. In the 2nd picture he is hanging out with his new friend Basil the Boogie Woggie Brontosaurus, I knitted him back in May.

Soon to be on the Needles
Well as mentioned before, once I finish Elfe I will cast on my wedding shawl, Evenstar.
For in between and portable projects I will knit on my Harvest Dew socks and maybe make Wellington Mitts, for the mitts I would use the leftover yarn from Elfe.

Nothing really, I spun a little bit more on my ...into the whirled, but not enough to be worth showing. I just really been focused on finishing T-Rex, since he had to be done by tomorrow and now I am focusing on Elfe just to get it done (it has to be done by the 27th, so I have plenty of time.)

I just can't go without buying yarn. My local yarn store, Knit 2 Unwind, is having a give away and in order to get a raffle ticket you have to purchase something for $10.00. I bought Plymouth Stiletto, pretty sparkly yarn, most likely it will become a pair of socks.
No plans for next week, just trying to get through the work week alive. Thank goodness I have my knitting, I don't know how people relieve stress without it.

Happy Knitting,


  1. I admire your work, very dedicated and professional.

  2. Hi Courtney, hope you are fully recovered by now?
    All your projects are looking fine. The colours on Elfe are nicely displayed.
    The Plymouth Stiletto is gorgeous.
    take care,

  3. Hi Enid,
    I feel much better, thank you for asking. Thank you for the compliments on my knitting and the colors on Elfe.
    I love the Plymouth Stiletto, for now it's in my stash till I can decided what to knit with it.