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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here we go...

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog,
remember how I mentioned last week that I had a bad day at work on Friday? Well the reason for that was that the person who did my old job no longer works there and I had to cover her job. This week they were going to hire someone for the position, however I volunteered to take over the position. I have trained two people in that position and both got fired, I really didn't feel like doing it a third time. Plus my current position is easier to train, then the one I took over. It is not to bad and I proposed some changes, which were granted. Other than that I just went to work and came home to some much needed knitting time. Also I wanted to address some changes I made to the blog. One obvious one is I changed the font, please feel free to let me know if it's difficult to read or you hate the color, etc. Second, I added a knit meter for my knitting and spinning, it's more for my own curiosity how much I knit and spin through the year. Third, I added a Fiber Diary to keep track of which fibers I have spun. Last but not least, starting this week I will start out with my FO's instead of WIP's, that just makes more sense to me.

Finished Objects - FO's
Yay, I am so excited about this finished object. It's for the last Camp Loopy project, I can't believe I was able to complete all 3 over the last 3 months. I finished Elfe with 2 weeks to spare using madelinetosh tosh merino light in the Cobalt and Maple Leaf colorway, I can't recommend this yarn enough. Also, I really enjoyed knitting the pattern, it's well written and very easy to follow. I can definitely see myself knit another one. My photographer aka my fiance, took about a 20 pictures, that's why I am not really smiling.

Works in Progress - WIP's
I just looked back on my blog, when i last showed this wip and wow really?! One month ago I showed you my HO (half finished object), well I finally made some progress on the 2nd sock. Yes, I still have not finished the Harvest Dew socks. I have a good excuse with all those KAL's that I joined. I will change their name to the Totally German Socks, since I had to use the twisted german cast on and I was gifted the yarn from my aunt who lives in Germany. I have to knit 1 more inch on the leg and then I can start the heel.
Remember I said last week once Elfe is off the needles I will cast on my very special project? Well I started my wedding shawl the Evenstar shawl, I am knitting it on size US 3 needles (3.25mm) and am using Unique Sheep Ling in the custom dyed teal colorway (the colorway was dyed to match my bridesmaid dresses). So far I have run into many dropped stitches and I think I casted on over 20 times, but it's slowly coming along. It is very difficult to take a picture of it, since it just looks like a tangles mess.

Soon to be on the Needles
Nothing at the moment.

I finished ...into the whirled English Shetland Combed Top in the Abercrombie colorway. I absolutely loved spinning the fiber and am very happy that I joined their fiber club. I spun this fractely, which means I split the fiber in half lenght wise and then spun the first half normally. However, the second half I split again 3 more times lenght wise and then spun each half back to back from the same end. I ended up with a heavy fingering to a light sport weight and 232 yards (most yardage so far). I also practiced chain plying with the leftovers. I think I got the technique, but it is way over spun. I have not soaked it or thwacked (that takes some of the over spun parts out) yet.The first picture is of the unspun fiber.

I received my first fiber club shipment from ...into the whirled. Like I just mentioned I am very happy that I joined. One reason is that I really enjoyed spinning the Shetland and the second reason is it is just the first shipment and my absolute favorite color, turquoise, is in it. It is 60s Polwarth Wool Top (if someone know what the 60s stands for, please let me know) in the Pamukkale colorway. For three months the colors are inspired by some kind of theme, this time around it is Nature and this month was the first installment. The first picture is the inspiration picture and the second is the fiber.

Again no plans for next week, just keep on knitting on my wedding shawl and stay sane at work.

Happy Knitting,

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