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Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 3 of the Delancey Cardigan KAL

This week I was off to a much better start. No ripping back and no other little delays just straight knitting :)

I finished this weeks assignment by Thursday night and it actually looks like a cardigan now. I finished the right front and am half way done with the center back. The pictures look a little weird since I chose not to put the left front stitches on a holder and just left them on my needles and ignored them, which was one of the options to do.

Also since I finished Saturday night last week I had some extra time to finish a pair of socks for my mom. I just got started on a crochet afghan for a co-worker, hopefully I will make decent progress this weekend on that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 2 of the Delancey Cardigan KAL

I was off to a bad start on the 2nd Week. Back in week 1 one of the stitch markers flew out and I just kept on continuing, by the time I noticed it was gone I had the hardest time replacing it. Anyway, I placed the stitch marker back where I thought it belonged and continued. After a little while I noticed a shift in my work and tried to ignore it. Finally on row 58 I got so fed up that I placed a life line and ripped back all the way to row 42!! So yes I was off to a slow start. I finished this weeks assignment on Saturday night and here is what it looks like so far.

Knit along hosted by The Sweatshop of Love ravelry group

On February 6th The Sweatshop of Love ravelry group casted on for the Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow Knit along (KAL). I am using Knitpicks Swish DK main color Cobblestone Heather and secondary color is Bordeaux.
Just swatching with this yarn made me fall in love with it, but once we all finished our swatch we noticed it was looking kinda big. So, I and many others following the KAL decided to go down a needle size and instead of making size 36 inches I am making the 33 inches. The construction of this cardigan is very unique and as of now i still have no clue what part of the cardigan I am knitting :)
Week 1 went by pretty quick, I finished that weeks assignment by Thursday. Here is the first triangle.

I am Back

Sorry for being gone for so long, but I am back and will try to post regularly. I am going to improve this blog. Maybe in the future there will be video tutorials. Meanwhile enjoy this picture of Sedona and Boogie: