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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Déjà vu

Welcome Everyone,
this week nothing exciting happened, just went to work and came home. I know me and my fiance live pretty boring lives. Yesterday, my fiance had to get blood drawn and that was pretty interesting to say the least. When he arrived 2 cars were in the parking lot. He got out to start a line, once he got out the two people in the cars got out as well. They were waiting for about 20 minutes for the lab to open it's doors, when they opened the two people accused my fiance of cutting in front off them and he should not be seen first. Wait what? Since when does waiting in your car count as waiting in line? Anyway, the lab tech saw them first to avoid confrontation, since they started to cause a scene. I thought that was interesting, since being lazy and sitting in your comfortable car instead of waiting in front of the door should never count as waiting in line. Sorry for that little rant, I just don't tolerate stupidity easily. I went and hung out at my local yarn store for most of the late morning till early afternoon. Next weekend we are having friends over, so that should be fun. 

Works in Progress - WIP's
Same as last week, hence the title Déjà vu. My Elfe is coming along nicely. I finished the sleeves and started the waist shaping. I absolutely love how my colors are working out and the pattern is very easy to follow. 
Next up is Terence the Tap-Dancing T-Rex, I finished the biggest piece, which is the body and head. I will pick up the stitches and knit his tail today, then I still have to make the tummy flap, 2 arms, and 2 legs. 
Finished Objects - FO's
Nothing :(

Soon to be on the Needles
The day is inching closer. As soon as Elfe and Terence are done, I will cast on the Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf that I am making for my wedding. I am going to focus all my knitting time on that and once that is finished I will start my bouquet. 

Also, the same as last week. I am still spinning my ...into the whirled English Shetland Combed Top braid in the Ambercrombie colorway. I am so happy I joined their fiber club, because so far I love spinning their fiber. I am spinning this fractal, which is a new to me technique. I split the braid lenght wise, like normally. I then spun the first half like I normally would, however the second half I split lenght wise again 4 more times so that I would have 4 smaller strips. I am spinning each strip from the same end as I did the first 2 ounces. The first picture is of the first half, the second of the first strip I am ready to attach the second strip, and the third shows all my little strips (I had 4 but spun 1 already)

I received my Hiya Hiya Sharp for the Evenstar Shawl, since it is my first time knitting with lace yarn (my other lace projects used fingering weight) I wanted to make it easier on me and use better needles. My needles are not really meant to knit with lace and I would have to fuss with them. So far as what I can tell, these will be a joy to work with. They are made out of stainless steel and are extremely light. The join seems to be very smooth and the cable is not kinked up. After I knit with them I will give a final review. The circular needles also came with a free pattern and a cable needle.
Well for purchasing the needles I completed the requirements of becoming a Loopie Groopie. The gift I received from the Loopie Ewe is amazing. I received Tootsie Rolls, Romney Ridge Farm Calendar, Rubus sock pattern, Loopie Ewe Project Tote, and best of all I received Loopy Legends yarn dyed by Lorna's Laces in the Linda's Antique Treasures colorway. It was so funny when I got the package, I was like wait I know I only ordered needles. It was a very pleasant surprise and I absolutely love every goodie and the Loopie Ewe. If you couldn't tell, since I pretty much only buy yarn there and am doing the Camp Loopie. 
Hopefully next week, I will have 2 FO's and a brand new WIP. I hope everyone has a great week.
Happy Knitting,

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