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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Too much on the needles and they are all big projects.

Hi Everyone,
pretty uneventful week, on Tuesday I got to see my friend Pam, who has moved, and I gifted her a knitting bag. Thursday I went to knit night with 2 wrong size needles, so I just hung out with everyone.

On the Needles:
New on the needles is the Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL by Wendy Johnson. I am knitting it out of the 1st yarn I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival 2012, Dream in Color Starry in the Sundown Orchid colorway on size 5 - 3.75mm needles. I absolutely love the yarn, it is gorgeous. The pattern gives the option to do 5 stitch nubs, 3 stitch nubs, beads, or nothing and I choose the 3 stitch nubs. I did finish the first clue, but as of now you can't really tell much. It looks like there is a ruffle edge.

The next thing I am going to talk about is technically off the needles, but I don't consider my projects a finished object till there useable. Anyway, it's the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl KAL, I finished knitting it and it just needs to be blocked and get buttons. I have not had the chance to go and buy buttons, but it has to be done by July 3rd, since that's the next time I see my friend Pam, who this Cowl is for. I love the way it knitted up and I hope she will love it.
The next project is the TTL mystery shawl. I am a little over half way done with clue 4. I taught myself how to do a Russian join for this shawl so I wouldn't have problems weaving in the ends, I wanted to do the felted join, but the yarn is a super wash and won't felt.
Once again I knitted on my Triangle Wrap during True Blood, which I will do again tonight. I am pretty close to be able to start the edging. It seems like this is my never ending garter nightmare, I mean project. 
My socks did not get any love this week and my 2 secret knitting projects didn't really get knitted on either.

Off the Needles:
Once again nothing, the Cowl kinda, but i need to sew on buttons first. However, I finished a project last month that was a secret knitting and the recipient, my dad, finally received them. The pattern is Classic Socks knit out of Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks Miami the Everglades colorway on size 1 - 2.25mm needles. I ran out of yarn and knitted the toes using stash yarn.

Soon to be on the Needles:
Same things I have mention before. Next week on the 27th I will cast on the Westwood Blouse for Camp Loopy 2nd project, which has to be 800+ yards and have a color from my country's flag. Last week I didn't have the yarn yet, however I have a picture this week and finished my gauge. I got extremely lucky, since I purchased 2 skeins from The Loopy Ewe and 1 skein from Green Sheep Shop, they are all the same dye lot. I also ended up getting a camp loopy t shirt and a Lavishea lotion bar in cucumber melon, I absolutely love it. 
Then on the 30th Tour de Fleece starts and I will spin everyday for 15 minutes with Knitabulls. I think I will just spin my undyed Corridale for practice.
And July 1st me and my friend Pam cast on for the Knitabulls KAL, which I talked about last week.

The first thing I received was the loopy ewe package that I just showed. Next I received my 2 custom bags from Birdleg Bags. I ordered "Madman in a Blue Box" (aka Doctor Who) and "Monsters Yikes" small bags. In the first picture you can see the glass bead on the zipper. The second picture shows the lining and Zipper tab, which makes opening/closing the zipper much easier. The third picture shows her label. She also included a notepad and hooks for the bags. I definitely recommend checking out her store.

I am still waiting on 2 more custom orders, I know one has been shipped and the other one should be shipped next week or the week after. 

Well that is it for this week, hope to see you again next week. Happy Knitting!


  1. WOW - Du bist aber ganz schön fleissig. Ich finde es immer sehr spannend zu lesen...

    LG Heike

  2. Yep, ich habe immer viel zu tun. Fange im August mein Hochzeits Schal an, das wird dann mein einzigstes project fuer eine Zeit.