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Sunday, June 10, 2012

One shawl done, many more to go

Welcome Everyone,
this week was once again pretty uneventful. Yesterday I was supposed to go to a babyshower, but the baby decided she wanted to be present and was delivered Friday evening. Other than that I just been a knitting machine.

On the Needles:
I casted on a secret knitting project about an hour ago. Unfortunately I won't be able to talk about that project for a very very long time.

I did make a little bit of progress on the Harvest Dew socks. I am on the last pattern repeat and then I can start the heel flap. I really enjoy knitting it and the pattern is turning out great.
The 2nd clue for the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl was released a day early on Wednesday. I started and finished the clue on Saturday. I love the pattern so far.
Again no progress on the triangle wrap and my other 2 project are a secret.

Off the Needles:
As you might of noticed the daybreak for camp loopy was not mentioned above. Yay, I finished it early this morning and right now it's blocking. I am so happy with it, it turned out gorgeous. In the pattern it says to have the top part in the colored yarn, however I decided to only have the stripes in the colored yarn. I almost ran out of the grey and didn't know if I was going to be able to knit one row and bind off, so I did that in the colored yarn. I will post pictures off me wearing it next week, since it is still damp right now.
I also finished all 8 washcloths  for the babyshower, well postponed welcome baby party. Those will count towards Knitabulls Washcloth KAL, with the Doctor Who and Butterfly washcloth I completed 10 washcloths for that KAL.

Soon to be on the Needles:
Well I just casted on the other secret knitting and on June 20th I am casting on Wendy Johnsons mystery shawl KAL, so nothing as of now.

Thank you for checking in and I will blog about my progress again next Sunday.

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