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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random Update...Why not?

Yay, I finished my co-workers afghan and it is ready to go to it's new home tomorrow. I won't post a picture because honestly it doesn't look much different then in the last picture . I am also half way done with my surprise knitting project that I can't talk about, since I am not sure if this person reads my blog. I also started crocheting the Thundersnow Bag by Linda Permann, who's my favorite crochet designer. I absolutely love that bag and can't wait to show you the finished project. Tomorrow I am getting started on the sleeves for my KAL cardigan so that's exciting.
Anyway, that's pretty much it, just wanted to give a short update since I am so happy I finished that afghan. I am now going to weave in the yarn tails on my cardigan and then knit on the surprise project.

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