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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I got bit by the spinning bug.

Welcome everyone to my blog,
this past week was Independence day and me and my fiancee were off work that day. We went to Ferry Farm, which is George Washington's boyhood home and seemed fitting. They had lot's of little booths that had demonstrations, such as leather working, spinning, weapons, and Indian jewelry. Also, there were a ton of reenactors, which I felt really bad for in that heat. We actually didn't stay very long, because it was way too hot. I mentioned last week that I emailed the Wedding Venue to reserve my date. It is official that we will get married on June 1st, 2013. I am extremely excited and anxious.
There will be a small change to my segments, "on the needles" will now be WIP's (works in progress), and "off the needles" will be FO's (Finished Objects). Let's move on to the knitting among other things.

I been trying to focus most of my knitting time towards the Camp Loopy project, Westwood Blouse. I finished the main body today and started the lace on the back part.
My second wip is the knitabulls podcast KAL, that I am knitting together with my friend Pam. We are knitting both the TGV and I am behind. Pam already started the ribbing and I am still on the garter section. Like I said I really tried to focus on the Camp Loopy project.
Nothing :(

I absolutely got bit by the Spinning bug. I got the hang of things and don't get frustrated on the wheel anymore. I had bad luck and a piece broke off the wheel, I received the replacement yesterday. However, while I was waiting on the replacement  I wanted to continue my Tour de Fleece goal to spin everyday for 15 minutes, so I used my spindle and even got the hang of it. Like I mentioned last week I had finished the 2 oz of Corriedale, it is definitely super bulky and a practice piece. I used Boogie as my photo prop to make the yarn look better :)

After I finished that I started spinning some Romney fiber that I bought from The First Draft on etsy. I posted a picture of the braid last week. I finished spinning the singles and they are resting right now, tomorrow I will ply them. I spun one from pink to turquoise and the other from turquoise to pink. The first one I spun had some very think at the beginning, but then it clicked and no more super thick.

While I was waiting for the piece to come in I spun some undyed Alpaca I bought at the local Alpaca Farm. I love this fiber, it is extremely soft.
That is it for this week, I am taking a big test to become a medial coder on Saturday and am extremely nervous. I hope you will join me again next week. Happy Knitting :)

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