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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finished Objects Paluza

Welcome Everyone,
An update on my exam results, sadly I failed by 1 question. I will have to wait 30 days to re-take the medical coding and billing exam. Other than that I just went to work and came home to knit or spin. Today I have the whole house pretty much to myself besides the cats, which it's the first time that my fiance will be gone all day. He went to Maryland with some friends to meet another friend to go and watch Batman at the Imax. 

Works in Progress - WIP's: 
Something that hasn't been touched in a little over a month has made a comeback. I have a HO (half finished object). Yes, I worked on my Harvest Dew Socks and finished one of them. I am knitting those out of Uschi Universal that was graciously gifted to me from my aunt, who lives in Germany. I have not casted on the 2nd sock, since I am working on a gauge swatch. However, once I finish swatching I will cast that on. So far I am very happy with the sock and it fits great.

That's the only WIP. 

Finished Objects - FO's:
Like the title says this week was FO Paluza. I finished 3 things this week, that might be a new record. First I finished my Westwood Blouse for Camp Loopy Project #2. I had a minor panic attack when I went to try it on my head didn't fit through the opening. The opening was as big as the pattern told me too, anyway I had to rip the shoulder seams an inch on each side. It turned out a little bit shorter than I expected even that I had gauge (I did block the swatch). 

Second, I finished the TGV for the Knitabulls July KAL. This morning I received a message from the Designer, Susan Ashcroft, asking if she could feature my picture. *Squeel* She is featuring the picture with boogie. I took the picture with him, since the Knit Girllls Stash Dash 2012 checkpoint 4 price is for featuring your pet in the picture, even if I don't win that price my picture is featured on the pattern site.
The second picture shows how much yarn I had left.
I am more a handkerchief person, here is a picture of how I wear mine.
Then lastly I finished the TTL Mystery Shawl 2012 by Kirsten Kapur. When the last clue came out the beginning of July, I thought it said I had to knit 46 more rows. So I decided to work on Camp Loopy and Knitabulls KAL first. However, when I picked it back up Friday night, I realized that there is a shorter version, which is only 6 rows. Well, I ended up knitting the shorter version and if I would of known about that this shawl would of been done 3 weeks ago. The first picture is of the whole shawl and the other 2 of the detail.

Soon to be on the needles:
Friday July 27th is the cast on date for the last Camp Loopy project. I will cast on Elfe and actually that's what I am gauge swatching for right now. 
Also on Friday the Ravellenics Games start, I am joining Knitabulls in the Toy Toss category and I will be casting on Monster Chunks on Saturday. My goal is to try and finish as many as possible. 

I am still working on the Three Waters Farm BFL. I finished the first 2 oz yesterday and will start the second half today. I am getting more consistent and thinner, it definitely is a learning process. 
I bought 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino Light the blue is cobalt colorway and the greenish color is maple leaf. Those are for my Camp Loopy project. I also bought from The Loopy Ewe the Camp Loopy bag, they include the camp loopy measuring tape. 

The second package I received this week was a very special one. I received my custom order from Unique Sheep. Laura was very very helpful and patient with me, to come up with the perfect color for my wedding shawl and bouquet. I must of driven her crazy, first I wanted off white, then I changed to burgundy, well now it is teal. I don't have a David's Bridal close by, so she was so generous to drive to her local one to pick up a color swatch and she matched the yarn perfectly. Left is Ling lace (70% merino and 30% silk) for my shawl, middle is the David's Bridal color swatch (Bridesmaids dresses), right is Wild Thing (Merino/Tussah Silk) for some of the flowers in my bouquet.
I will still have to order some Hiya Hiya Sharps for the shawl, but other than that enabling will only consist of my into the whirled club fiber.
Next week will once again be consisting of working, knitting and spinning. 
Happy Knitting!

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