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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp Loopy Knitting Frenzy

Welcome Everyone,
this week was pretty uneventful. Go to work come home, knit/spin, repeat. Saturday, my fiance was so gracious and volunteered to drive me to Richmond for my big medical billing and coding test. I will find out the results on Tuesday, I think I did ok, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Last week I got a minor panic attack regarding my Westwood Blouse for Camp Loopy #2. I thought that there was no way I was going to finish and I might as well give up. Well, once again I underestimated my skills of being relatively fast. Yep, I am pretty much finished. I finished the back and the front. It's is now blocking and once it is dry I can seam up the shoulders. Right now all the knitting I have left to do is the I-cord belt, which will be done today. I took the picture before I soaked it and pinned it out to dry. I love the pattern, it was really easy to understand. The only complaint I have is the lace requires to do a Purl 3 together every other stitch and with it being cotton (cotton has no give) it really hurt my wrists after a while. I had to take frequent breaks, which I would either study or spin. The yarn is really nice too, it is pretty soft for being cotton and supposedly it gets softer the more you wash it. It had one knot in one skein, but that's no big deal. 
This was the only knitting I did this week. Not bad considering that I work full time and had to study for the test.

Again nothing, but that will change next week.

I finished spinning the Romney fiber. I love the way it turned out, much better than my first. It is between a heavy worsted and chunky, but also has some spots that are more a dk.
Now I am spinning BFL (blue faced leicester) that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. It is from Three Waters Farm in the Santa Fe colorway. This is taking me way longer then the other two I have spun, since I got much thinner.
Soon to be on the Needles:
July 27th is when the 3rd and last Camp Loopy project starts. The requirements are to knit 500+ yards, use more than one color, and it has to be a pattern we never have knit before. I will be knitting Elfe in Madeline Tosh Merino Light. I have never used that yarn (I own two skeins, just haven't knit them) so I am excited to use it. I picked two colors that are bold and not my usual colors.

I finally received my Ho Bag. If you watch the Stockinette Zombies Podcast, you will know what I am talking about. Amy came up with the term HO for a Half finished object, for example if you finished just 1 sock or 1 mitten. You can't really call it a FO, since you need two so she called it HO. Then it went so far they had HO bags made and how could I resist. They also were so gracious to include a "I'm a zombie" button and a sticker.
I also received a 4 oz merino braid I ordered from Spun Right Around on etsy in the Playtime colorway. Sorry I couldn't take it out of the package, since my cat was ready to attack the fiber.
The last thing I ordered was a Wraps per inch tool from Tangerine Designs on etsy. It is in the shape of the Tardis in Doctor Who, which is my absolute favorite TV show, if you couldn't tell from my tardis bag I got a couple weeks ago. She also included a button, which is already on one of my project bags. 
 Next week I will have some enabling again. I am waiting on the yarn I bought for Camp Loopy #3 and on the yarn for my Wedding Shawl and Bouquet. After that, my only enabling will be my once a month club shipment from ...into the Whirled, since we have to save for our wedding. 

Next week will be very uneventful, since there are no plans of any kind. That means lots of knitting and spinning time just the way I like it. 

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