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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Episode 41 - My Back is Killing Me

Welcome Everyone,

Tin Can Knits KAL runs from August 1st till September 30th
Holiday KAL runs from October 1st till December 31st

Bonny by Emily Wessel Tin can knits Size S 32.5 inch  out of Highland Handmades Black Cherry Lace in the Granite color on size US 4 3.5 mm needles
I heart Cables by Justyna Lorkowska out of Plymouth Encore on size US6 4.0mm and US 7 4.5mm needles

Tiddlywinks Baby Set by Nina Isaacson size 12 mo out of Knit Picks Comfy Fingering Marlin, Ivory, Flamingo, and Honeydew on size US 2 2.75 mm needles
Rocco the Rockin Robot by Jenna Krupar out of Cascade 220 super wash in daffodil and burgundy, scraps for grey, on size US 4 3.5 mm needles
10 Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown various vennas choice and red heart soft scraps on size US 7 4.5 mm needles

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