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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Surprise FO

Hi and Welcome to my blog,
luckily this week flew by thanks to being a 4 day week, however unfortunately the weekend is flying by just as fast. During the week I didn't do much except for work and on Thursday I went to my usual weekly knit night at the local yarn shop, Knit2Unwind. Usually on Saturdays I also hang out at the yarn store and this Saturday was no exception. My friend Lesley, who's also the host of the videocast The Knitting Game and other Stuff, stopped by the store. We hung out, knitted, and spun together. This was the first time that I took the spinning wheel to the store and that I spun with someone. It was interesting to watch someone more experienced than me spin, I picked up some hints and tricks and had a lot of fun. Also, I want to wish Lesley a Happy Birthday, which is tomorrow. I hope you have a great day.

Finished Objects - FO's
It "only" took me 3 months, but finally I finished Meine Deutsche Socken (translates to my German socks), also known as the Harvest Dew socks. I used Uschi Universal yarn that was gifted to me by my aunt who lives in Germany. Also, the socks used the German Twisted cast on method, so I thought the yarn was perfect for them and hence the German title for the socks. I loved the pattern it was very easy, it is charted, but I prefer charts over written. The yarn is very soft and I had no problems with it at all. They have not been blocked yet.

Works in Progress - WIP's
I barely worked on my wedding shawl and won't show that this week.
However I casted on something new. I casted on the Total German Hitchhiker, the pattern is called the Hitchhiker. The reason I changed mine is that the yarn I am using was once again gifted to me by my aunt from Germany and this time the designer is German. I don't know what the name of the yarn is or if it even has a name. It came to me already caked up and without a label. To my understanding it's put together by an independent person, who picks different strands to compile the yarn. It is a multi stranded yarn, which makes splitting the yarn very easy and knitting with it a little more difficult, I definitely have to pay attention, usually I can knit without looking down, but with this yarn I have to look down the whole time. Anyway, first picture is the whole thing so you can see the size (sorry lightining sucks) and the 2nd picture is a close up so you can see the color.

I casted on one more project yesterday, but it's a secret.

Yes I got  some spinning done. I am almost done spinning the first half (2 ounces) from my August club shipment from ...into the whirled. At first I had a really hard time spinning this, but on Saturday Lesley gave me some hints on how to spin it and it's been fun ever since. I absolutely love into the whirled's fiber. The colors are amazing and the fiber prep is outstanding.

While I was spinning this Sedona was supervising me and making sure I did this right. Please excuse the mess.
Next week will once again consist of working, Thursday and Saturday I will hang out the yarn shop.
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Happy Knitting,


  1. Hi Courtney, I have signed to ''follow'' you.
    The socks came out fine; did you plan how the colours came out, or was it how the yarn was dyed?
    And no need to apologise for delay in responding. a) you have a life away from the comp.
    b) it isn't always necessary to reply

  2. Hi Enid, thank you for following my blog. The yarn was dyed like that, I just knitted them and let the yarn do the rest.